The thing about beauty standards in Asia is that it really comes down not to natural beauty, but who can afford to look beautiful. It’s not natural beauty if you have to pay for it. And of course it’s good to do what you please with your body, just don’t get it confused with natural beauty.

Most of the time when the word “Asian” is thrown around mostly they’re referring to Chinese culture. Cause just like white people, Chinese people are equally as divisive and destructive as Western Society has proven to be. Yeah they’ll tag all their shit “Asian Pacific Islander” but they’re mostly only concerned with visible “Asian” Communities. AKA. not south east asians, South Asians, or Pacific Islanders, sometimes Koreans and sometimes Japanese, never Mongolia or any of those Himalayan countries that they think belong to China. So no I don’t feel sorry about US aggression against China and no I’m not sorry that they’re capping Chinese foreign exchange students in US schools. Because no you don’t care about anyone other than yourselves and no you don’t advocate for anything but your own interests. 

Yeah my mom is successful but I don’t admire her. I pity her for letting life just fly by her without a chance to even enjoy it. What’s the point in all that money when the only memories you will have are of the computer screen? Must be sad to be a modern day slave. Brown and still not as good as her white counterparts who get to leave at 4 everyday without a care in the world. 

I’m tired. I’m tired I’m tired I’m tired and I don’t know what I should do. Should I pick up and call or just let it fade. I’m sick of being told what to do and afraid to look back. Was it all a dream, are things so good? To let the past back in my life. My feelings are hurt and I know it won’t work so stay on that island goodbye.

We don’t hear about triumphs of Feminism in Africa and the like because Feminism doesn’t trump white supremacy. And if you think I’m lying then tell me why white women make more money than colored women in the workplace. Or tell me why white women have better jobs than most colored women. Or just tell me why white women don’t clean houses but colored women do. Oh you can’t? But you still care about other women elsewhere? … Riiiiiiight. Tell me all about how you care. 

So according to Great Wall Productions or whatever they’re called on Youtube. It isn’t cool for other ppl to perpetuate Chinese culture but it’s fine for them to perpetuate American and every other culture… Like firstly why does it matter? Especially since you can find Chinese in almost every country. Secondly don’t bitch and moan about being ostracized from the cultures you integrate into and then turn around and ostracize the people who are trying to integrate into your own culture.. -___-. You’re just asking for trouble.